Thursday, November 1, 2012

Random Crafts: Floral Arranging II

Traditionally on Halloween, pumpkin carving is the norm and usually, I'd be ecstatic to do this. This year however, I felt like changing things up! Of course, the newest in thing to do is to try and make the coolest, most creative pumpkin! Here's one I did last year

Well this year, I opted for much smaller pumpkins for some odd reason. Unfortunately, I jumped the gun a bit and purchased them a bit too early and they.. well.. died prematurely. I was weirdly devastated because at the time of purchase, I was SO excited that the festive part of the year has returned. Unfortunately, I had to repurchase!

Since I was in a small pumpkin mood, I decided not to carve it. Instead, I turned it into a vase for a floral arrangement! I'm sure this has been done numerous times, but here's my rendition! 

(Disclaimer: The "happy halloween" writing was added on my phone!) This little project is so simple to do and requires very minimal flowers/accessories. Here's what I used (Everything listed below was purchased at my local Safeway):

1 Small Pumpkin (The one I used was about 7" tall and 6" wide)
1 Bunch of Yellow Spray Roses (miniature roses)
5 Fall colored Mums
15 Pieces of Wheat
3 Decorative (fake) pumpkins

You can arrange them in any way that you want,  I would just suggest a few tips!

1. Random is better! When there's too much "perfection," things don't look right. Of course, this rule doesn't apply if you're trying to make wedding centerpieces because you want all the tables to look the same, but for the sake of these kinds of arrangements, random will make these look more beautiful.

2. The rule I always stick with for a lot of things is: Always use odd numbers! I learned this in a stamping class when I was a child and since then, it stuck. Odd numbers work out better for a lot of things! Try it, I bet you'll totally understand when you see it for yourself.

3. Try to stay within your theme. If I used purple flowers, this probably wouldn't look that nice. When you're trying to accessorize your pieces, try to stay within your theme. Don't add fairies and butterflies to a pumpkin floral arrangement!

Well, I hope you liked this post, and I hope you try it sometime! I will definitely be doing a Thanksgiving floral arrangement (my mom already asked me to)! Perhaps when that one is being made, I will make that one a tutorial! I hope you all had a safe and happy Halloween! 

What did you dress up as this year

P.S. The winner of the Jose Eber Giveaway is Kylie! Please expect an email within 24 hours! Congratulations! And thank you to everyone for entering!



  1. First off, you already know I loved that pumpkin arrangement! It was so nice to see something different after seeing all those Instagram posts of carved pumpkins. And secondly THANK YOU SO MUCH :) :) :) I will definitely give the straightener a good home lol.

    1. YAY! congrats! :) I will let you know if I get a reply or anything!

  2. I LOVE your post & pumpkin arrangement! So creative and beautiful! :) So funny we did the same thing, bought our pumpkins way too early and when I was going to carve them yesterday they were rotten haha. T.T; Great tips & I can't wait for your Thanksgiving arrangement! more posts!! :)

    1. Thanks, sweetie! <3 I think we just jumped the gun a bit too early since we were extra excited! Ahaha! I can't wait to make the Thanksgiving arrangement too! yay!


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