Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Floral Arranging III: Thanksgiving DIY Centerpiece

Happy Thanksgiving! :)

Again, I'm super excited for the festive months! It really hasn't hit me yet that it's already Thanksgiving in about 2 days! How exciting, right? Well, to celebrate this awesome holiday where we eat a lot of SUPER yummy food, spend time with the ones we love and fall into a tryptophan coma, I've decided to do a fun DIY post for a floral centerpiece that's perfect for this wonderful holiday! 

Here's what the finished product looks like! If you want to learn how to make this, read on! :)

What you'll need:
1 Cornucopia Basket
1 Plastic Liner (Find a size that fits inside your Cornucopia)
5 Floral Picks w/ wire
Raffia Strands
1 Block of Oasis (wet floral foam) 
1 packet of floral food
1 Fall/Autumn Spray Flowers Bouquet (Most supermarkets sell them, I got mine from Safeway)
2 (Different sized) Candles (optional) 



1. Mix 1 packet of Floral Food with Water (amounts as directed) in a large bucket. Float the Oasis (or other brand wet floral foam). The Oasis will eventually sink on its own, do NOT push it down as this will cause air bubbles to form inside the foam. 

2. After letting the floral wet foam soaks for about 10 minutes (10 minutes is the minimum I would leave it in, for optimum usage, I like soaking the block overnight.) Cut the foam with a sharp knife into blocks that will fill the plastic liner. Try to fill the entire liner. 

3. Set the plastic liner (with floral foam) into the cornucopia basket. 

4. Set the cornucopia aside. Form little ribbons out of the raffia and using the wire attached to the floral picks, wrap it aroud the center of the raffia ribbon. Make 5 of these. (You can make more if you want, just remember to make odd amounts!)

5. Arrange the flowers as you see fit! It's fun and exciting to see how everyone's arrangements will differ based on the flowers available at your local supermarkets, and your own personal arranging! To arrange, give your flowers a fresh cut (to the size you like) and stick it directly into the floral foam. Start with larger flowers and work your way to smaller flowers. Most bouquets come with some kind of filler, you can add these into all the spots that seem a tad bit bare. The raffia floral picks should go in last. Add them in random areas but make sure they're spread throughout the arrangement!

6. Place your arrangement in the center of your Thanksgiving table and enjoy! Add the optional candles around the arrangement to set the ambiance! 

That's it! 

  I hope you all liked this Thanksgiving tutorial! Let me know if there's anything you'd like to see! Have an amazing and yummy Thanksgiving and a FUN Black Friday! 

What stores will you be shopping at on Black Friday? 




  1. Happy thanksgiving :) thanks for the tutorial.

  2. This arrangement is so cute! I love the cornucopia basket. :) hope your doing something for a Christmas DIY!! :)

    1. i was actually thinking of skipping christmas. lol! i'm kind of burnt out with this and i don't want to hate it! i kept the basket but dropped off the flowers at my grandmas. :) thanks, darling!

  3. So pretty! I would have never thought that's how you do it. :)


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