Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Random Crafts - Gift Wrapping

Happy Holidays! :)

Christmas is slowly creeping up, and it usually comes up faster than we can all keep up with! This year, vow to get your shopping done early! If not for the sole reason of not stressing, maybe do it so that you can spend more time wrapping your gifts more creatively this year! 

I have a problem, it's quite bad actually. I tend to spend hours and hours looking for the perfect wrapping paper, choosing a theme for my gift wrapping, finding a unique and personal ornament for each gift, finding matching ribbons and additional accessories for each gift! Like I said, I have a problem! This usually takes just as long, if not longer, than actually finding the actual gifts! It's terrible, but extremely unique! Because of this, however, each person gets a very unique and personalized wrapped gift!

I'm not going to do a tutorial on this because each person is different and I think making things person is the most fun part about this. But what I will say is: GET CREATIVE! Here are some things I've done in the past! :) Enjoy! (And please pardon the terrible pictures. Some of these were from a few years ago when I used a crappy 1.3 megapixel camera phone!)

This was in 2009 (I think?) and this was taken before I added on each personal ornament. I wish I had taken a picture after! :( But the theme was red flowers this year, and I added a little bit of a gold flare to each. I took gold star wire garland and cut them into 1ft strips, then wrapped both ends around my finger a couple times so they would be spiraled and attached 2 strips to each gift. At the end of each spiral, I attached a gold bell so that when you hand them their gifts, they jingle! Fun, right?! 

 (2010?) My best friends husband has a Beagle and love Hounds tremendously! Luckily that year, I found this cute, glass Beagle ornament! And even more lucky, I found a Dachshund one too for my best friend, since they're her favorite dogs. (She has 3 of them!)

This year was a little different because I got my best friend different wrapping paper for her gifts. This year, her aunty was diagnosed with breast cancer and she was really worried about her. After hours of searching, I found wrapping paper and ribbon that were both pink and the wrapping paper company donated proceeds from the pink wrapping paper sales to a Breast Cancer Foundation (I can't remember which one though). It was such a lucky find, and I was super happy to have found it. 

Unfortunately, you can't exactly see how unique this gift was. And to tell you the truth, it wasn't entirely my idea. My boyfriend wanted to play a prank on some of our friends this year. Instead of getting conventional gift boxes for our friends, he built wooden crates for their gifts. (Even funnier, this "box" only had a gift certificate in it!) Each wooden crate had screws in the top to seal it. Instead of putting an ornament, we got them Craftsman screwdrivers and attached it to the gift. (I think it may be hiding underneath the bow!) It was a really neat idea because they needed the screwdrivers to open their gift and it was also a part of their gift! That was a really fun way of making these gifts personalized!

There are so many ways to personalize gift wrapping! I'm not exactly sure what I'm going to do this year, but I'm sure I'll come up with something :) Over the years, it's pretty much become a tradition of mine! With that said, I'll end this post by asking..

What are some quirky Holiday traditions you have?   



  1. Looooove the gift wrapping, so pretty!!!!

    1. the pictures are horrible but i really felt like blogging today! haha! :)

  2. You are so creative! I love the crate and screwdriver idea! I have never done themes, I may need to think about doing this. :)

  3. Your wrapping is the best! Those pictures don't do it justice!

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