Sunday, April 27, 2014

Floral Recipe: 14KT Gold Elegance

Just recently, I was asked to make a floral arrangement for a friends booth at the Hawaii Wedding Expo! (How exciting, right?) 

The colors she requested were:
1. Ivory
2. Gold 

And from there, I had no other rules. She basically let me make something I wanted to make and trusted me to provide something beautiful.


White Hydrangea
Ivory Double Stock
Scabiosa Pods
Mini Ivy
Ivory Garden Roses
Assorted Succulents
Cedar Roses
Curly Willow Twigs
Magnolia Leaves
Faux Ivory Pearls
Design Master Spray Paint in 14kt Gold

(Click to enlarge)

I used the 14kt Gold Spray paint on the Succulents, Cedar Roses, Curly Willow, Magnolia Leaves and the pillar in which the arrangement sat upon. Against the Ivory, the gold elements really popped! I also misted the White Hydrangea with the same gold paint to tone down the color a bit, and give it a slight antique look. 

(Click to enlarge)

Until next time, take care! 
What is your favorite metallic tone?


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