Monday, April 7, 2014

Floral Recipe: Spring Beauty

Welcome back, Spring. Glad you're back!

Today, I'll be sharing with you a recipe for a little arrangement I made for my best friend and her family. Enjoy!

10 Stems Light Pink Gerbera Daisies
 5  Stems Light Peach Spray Roses
 3  Stems Mini Green Hydrangea
 2  Stems Buplerum
 1  Small Vase

1. Fill your vase with water.

2. Start with the 3 Stems of Hydrangea. Using either snips or a floral knife, cut your Hydrangea to the appropriate length to fit your vase. Make sure you cut the ends of your flowers at a 45 degree angle. This is to ensure there is a lot of surface for your flowers to drink water! Place all 3 stems in your vase. These should be kept low in your arrangement. 

3. Add in 4 stems of your Spray Roses in between each Hydrangea. Again, cut each stem at a 45 degree angle and at the appropriate length to best fit the vase you are using. With the last stem of Spray roses, cut this one a little longer and place it directly in the center of the arrangement. 

4. Cut all 10 of your Gerbera Daisies and place them in the arrangement. You can bunch them together or arrange them apart from one another. It's really up to you. Don't throw away the stems though! Keep them and add them into your arrangement for a little extra texture!

5. Place in the Buplerum in random places to fill in the rest of the arrangement. I love Buplerum, it's probably one of my absolutely favorite green to add to an arrangement. Not only does it add texture, it also adds movement in the piece as well! Buplerum will definitely give your arrangement a "Spring Garden" feel!

(Click the images above to enlarge.) For all the flowers, I spent a total of about $24 from my local grocery store (those of you in the mainland could probably get it for much less). You could even break it up into 2 smaller arrangements if you wanted to and they would look equally beautiful!

Until next time, have a flowerful Spring day!

What is your favorite season?


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